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Welcome Piano Enthusiasts!


You're all welcome to browse through these pages of the most well-loved piano music in the whole world. From Bach to Beethoven, from Mozart to Rachmaninoff, from Haydn to Liszt, piano music is still the best among the rest.

Piano as a Keyboard


Piano is classified under the percussion section although its main sound is produced by strings. That's because the manner in which it is played is by striking and not plucked nor bowed like the ordinary strings. From the finger to the hammer, the action is classified as done to a percussion instrument.

However, did you know that the foreparent of the piano was plucked? Although the action of the finger is "strike", harpsichord didn't have the hammer to strike the strings. Instead, the strings were plucked thereby making a sound that was equivalent to any string instrument.

The full name of the piano is pianoforte because it can produce a piano (Italian for "soft") and a forte (Italian for "loud") unlike its predecessor. The harpsichord won't produce "soft" or "loud" no matter how strongly or weakly you strike the keyboard because its strings were just plucked.

I've included some midi for the harpsichord as well.



MIDI stands for Music International Digital Interface. All soundcards are capable of rendering the sounds by MIDI although some may not sound as good as the others. Please ask you computer dealer for the best if you really want to maximize your listening pleasure. I'll also be offering mp3 files later on.

The Composers


My favorite pianist-composer is Frederic Chopin because of his pieces that are full of longing. His "Raindrops" or Prelude in Db is full of agony and his Nocturnes too. In a way, I can identify with him, myself being a loner.

However, I also love the energy of Liszt, the emotional outpouring of Brahms, the intellectual exuberance of Mozart, the intoxicating Debussy and the orgasmic Beethoven!

I did play some of their pieces too.

And mind you, I am not afraid of Bartok!

Needless to say, I want your feedback, ladies and gentlemen! Please leave comments. Thank you very much, everyone! Cheers!

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